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Hi, I'm Justin!

I'm a Software Engineering student at the University of Waterloo, currently in my 2B term. I'm a fan of basketball, cute cats, and taking goofy selfies. In my free time, I love writing music and regretting that I missed the dip.

In terms of software, most of my professional experience is in building microservices. I was previously at Zynga Inc. as a SWE intern, where I developed performant backend systems in Go/gRPC for Zynga Poker, the world's biggest Poker game with millions of monthly users. Some of my work includes revamping the app's rewards microservice, improving P95 response time for 79 million transactions by up to 11%, every single day.

Before that, I conducted ML research under Dr. Olga Vechtomova at the NLP Lab at UWaterloo, where I assisted in the development of a generative model that creates lyrics + music from videos of dance as input. During my first internship at ArenaX Labs, I worked on a mix of the above—I designed a GAN to generate new game states to train a server encoder/decoder, and worked on the app's RESTful APIs in Express.js.

On my own, I love going to hackathons and building whenever I can. Most recently, I was a recipient of the top prize at Hack the North 2023, Canada's biggest hackathon, and received 1st Place with my team at HackWestern.


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Software Engineering Intern

at Zynga
Jan. - Apr. 2024

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Software Developer Intern

at ArenaX Labs
May - Aug. 2023

Projects Spotlight

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Meta Quest VR, Built for Android-Based Headsets
September 2023

PearPiano is a winner of the top prize at Hack the North 2023! By fully tracking both your hands in VR, PearPiano allows you to record your compositions in real-time, without ever leaving the piano. It's also an editing tool, allowing you to physically grab note blocks and reposition them to correct mistakes and perfect your masterpiece. There's also Pear, our cute custom voice assistant which uses OpenAI Whisper to synthesize your voice into text and answer 60+ musical questions to help you write.

To see more, visit my Github or